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The Sods: Boxing and Grand Old Tea

You gotta love the attitude of The Sods. Everything is homegrown D.I.Y. I consider that respectable. What’s even more respectable is the fact that they started their own record label (Lazy Sod Records) and don’t really give a shit about making a buck. It’s all about the pure fun of it all. “Boxing And Grand Old Tea” is the first album made by the Ft. Wayne, Indiana based band/label. These guys are more concerned about keeping the youth of Indiana entertained now that Bobby Knight got booted outta town! Or maybe they released the album just in time so that the local USA basketball fans can forget about the thrashing the USA team received at the World Championship up the road in Indianapolis last week!

According to the press release, The band began playing in sedate coffeehouses for the first couple years. Recently, the band had made it’s new home in Fort Wayne’s Art Factory organized by Exustio Purgamentium Productions. The shows have allowed nearly any act to perform regardless of genre or experience. The Sods became known for their looseness, humor, and energy. It also reflects on the album. From Celtic fiddle and squeezebox to bluegrass mandolin and upright bass, the band displays its roots proudly. Homemade instruments (more DIY) include like the half guitar/half Irish bouzouki, “the 8-string Guizouki” or the “Blatterbox”, a suitcase full of assorted kitchen party utensils. (spoons, pots, pans, sporks….) The album is quite interesting, containing 11 originals, and two covers. (The covers are “The Wild Rover” and “The Holy Ground”, a song The Skels perfected a while back.) To be honest, you kind of have to get used to Jonah’s vocal stylings, on songs such as “Drunk Punk” or ” An Encounter W/ Darcy Dancer”. Then other songs such as “The Leaving Of Hollyhead” (which has a melody somewhat resembling Blood Or Whiskey’s “Frank”) the vocals fit the music perfect. I also thought “The Ballydowse Goat Dance” was a standout. and finally, this is straight from the band themselves…Attention Pirates! “Stop sellouts before they start! BOOTLEG THIS CD!” You gotta love that attitude!

October 2002

Review By Brian “Bootlegger” Gillespie