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Smoky Finish: Clear This Planet…Immediately

Austria’s (that’s right Austria not Australia) Smoky Finish go a long way to prove what I’ve always said – you don’t have to be Irish or Scottish by birth or descent to play top notch traditional Celtic music with feel and passion. If you disagree with that statement give “The Rock’n’Reel Connection” a good listen and I think you’ll change your mind. Still disagree then go back to you Westlife tapes.

Smoky Finish serve up a platter of the finest rock tinged traditional Celtic music this side of Runrig or even the great Moving Hearts. I should also give a special mention to the tracks “Erin Go Bragh” which manages to incorporate GWB and the theme from Mission Impossible and the stunning cover of Andy Stewarts “The Queen of Argyll”

March 2004