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The Indulgers: Whiskey Tonight

October 27, 2013

Colorado based The Indulgers are longtime veterans of the Celtic-rock scene with a history going back to the mid-nineties, and fronted by relocated Dub., Damien McCarron. Whiskey Tonight is the bands seventh album and the sound of Indulgers is a laid back cool, mild and smooth like a good American whiskey but with the bite and kick of good Irish Whiskey. West Coast Classic Americana (Fleetwood Mac or even The Eagles – you know what I mean) meets classic Celtic-rock (Horslips, The Waterboys, The Saw Dactors and even Lizzy). Highlights for me were Ceili Mor (as Gaelic) and Story Rory (that’s Dublin Speak for “Whats going on”).

A fine album like a fine whiskey.

The Indulgers: In Like Flynn/Tan & Black/Celtic Tiger

All the way from the slopes of the Rocky Mountains are Golden Colorado’s The Indulgers (what next Celtic rock from Salt Lake City?) a five piece Celtic rock outfit.

The Indulgers first two CD’s, 2000’s “In Like Flynn” and 2001’s “Tan & Black” are fine slabs of original classic American rock fused with traditional and contemporary Celtic sounds. Kind of like a trip down Route 66, cursing to your favorite Irish pub. Recommended to fans of the Fenians, the Young Dubliners, the Prodigals and fans of classic rock in general

“Celtic Tiger”, the 2002 release is a collection of the bands “favorite old songs”. ¾’s are covers of traditional and contemporary Celtic classics (“Go Move Shift”, “Fisherman’s Blues” and “Whiskey in the Jar” being examples) that most S’n’O readers will be well familiar with and probably already own versions and while these songs show a big part of where the band is coming from musically, the Indulgers fail to stamp their identity on the songs. The remaining quarter of the CD is classic rock covers (“Born to be Wild” and even, yes you guessed it, “Freeeeebird”!!!) given the Indulgers Celtic treatment. The band makes these their own and certainly stamps their identity all over’em. How about a full CD of classic covers given the Indulgers treatment guys (and gal)?

October 2002