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Podcast #120

Neck – The Foggy Dew

The Currency – 888

The Mighty Regis – Paddy Don’t Live In Hollywood

The Electrics – Caledonia

The Rumjacks – An poc ar buile

The Placks – The Bomb, the Bullet & the Gun

Medusa’s Wake – Seldom Sober

Medusa’s Wake – Convict’s Tale

Sharks Come Crusin’ – Three Score and Ten

The Mahones – Shake Hands With The Devil

The Mickey Finns – The Ballad Of Duffy’s Cut

The Fisticuffs – Dublin’s Coming Home

Have a Shite (n’Onions) Christmas – podcast 115

Merry Christmas from Shite’n’Onions

The Walker Roaders – Lord Randall’s Bastard Son

Alternative Ulster – All I Want For Christmas Is A Divorce

Langers Ball – Auld Lang Syne

The Walker Roaders – Seo Yun

The Mighty Regis – Real Deal Irish

The Mahones –  Angel Without Wings-Merry Christmas Baby

Alternative Ulster – 12 Days of Christmas

Finnegan’s Hell – Drunken Christmas

Lexington Field – Christmas at the Pub

The Shandrum Ceili Band – The Wind That Shakes The Barley

BibleCodeSundays – Christmas In London

The Mighty Regis: 21

September 5, 2010

The Mighty Regis are starting to make some waves following the release of 21 their 3rd release – 1st the Warped Tour and now a plug on day time TV from Kelly and Regis (who else?). Definitely a band to watch out and fortunately the music on 21 supports. No divergence from the style of the previous releases – West Coast punk meets Irish, very much in the style of Flogging Molly though with a much more pop-punk sensibility – kind of like comparing The Undertones to Stiff Little Fingers I’d say. I will say though that some times the lyrics verge a little too much into “Stage Orish” and that said still a contender of one of the best of 2010.

The Mighty Regis: Another Nickel For the Pope

“Another Nickel for the Pope” is the new release from ‘The Mighty Regis’, and a damned impressive release it is.

For those unfamiliar with ‘The Mighty Regis,’ (or their debut release, last year’s “County Sligo,”) the band is one of the regular acts at L.A.’s Molly Malones, (of ‘Flogging Molly’ fame,) and one of the first bands on the newly established “Molly Malones Music” digital label.

The Hollywood based ‘The Mighty Regis’ are comprised of accordion, mandolin, bass, drums, two guitars, and an occasional tin whistle divided amongst it’s seven person line-up.

At the leading edge of the band’s sound on this sophomore release is a perfectly balanced blend of guitar, accordion, and mandolin providing the respective height, width and shape of the majority of songs on “Another Nickel…” creating a neatly discernible identity and giving a nice cohesive persona throughout the entire CD. And, although most of the tracks on “Another Nickel…” have a rootsy, folk-punk core, a peek at the traditional underside is offered every now and again, (although nowhere more obvious than in the soulful opening lines of “Danny Boy” with the lead vocals momentarily taken over by the band’s secret weapon, guitarist/whistler/vocalist, Ryan O’Niell)

More mature, relaxed and focused than its 2007 predecessor, the songs on “Another Nickel for the Pope” are really well-written and cruise along at a decent pace, covering a variety of topics lyrically, and provide enough musical variety to keep the disc interesting without sacrificing the band’s “Regis-ness”

For a point of comparison, I would describe the band’s sound as one just about at the midway point between ‘The Mahones’ and ‘Flogging Molly’; and that’s some pretty good company for a band so considerably junior in experience and recording output!

With its 13 tracks and just about 40 minutes of solid music for only 10 bucks, (as of this writing it is available for download through the band’s MySpace, or for a hard copy at CDBaby.com) “Another Nickel for the Pope” is a well-worthwhile purchase, highly recommended and destined for multiple spins and longs stretches in your CD/Mp3 player.

February 2008

Review by Christopher P. Toler, THE Blathering Gommel

The Mighty Regis: County Sligo

Any band named after the greatest Irish American of all time – Regis Philbin – is O.K. with me. Seriously though, The Mighty Regis are a very fine Celtic-punk band from Hollywood, California who along with The “Mighty” Dirges form the backbone of the scene at LA’s Molly Malone pub. Though The Regis are much more rooted in the traditional Irish sound then the more punky Dirges. The Pogues at full galloping Bottle of Smoke speed is the very obvious influence here. A twenty fuckin five to one winner.