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Barleyjuice: Bonny Prince Barley

“Bonny Prince Barley” is the 4th full-lenght release from Philly’s Barleyjuice and I’m happy to say it’s very much in the vein of their previous 3 releases – classic rock on a whiskey bender in a spit and sawdust Philly Irish bar. I’m also very glad that the band has continued to stay on the track they set on “Six Yanks” and continue to focus on originals – though I do love the Celtic twist given to their cover of “London Calling”.


Barley Juice: Six Yanks

Hat’s off to Barley Juice on the release of their third CD and especially to them for really stepping up the game on ‘Six Yanks’ – while the first two Barley Juice CD’s were might fine releases, the band wasn’t writing any of its own stuff – just covering familiar traditional standards. On ‘Six Yanks” the band takes the plunge and has written the majority of the music on the release. So how does it stack up you ask? Very well, very well indeed, and like their previous choices of covers they are upbeat, energetic and irrelevant. Though my personal favorite is a reworking of Robbie Burns ‘A mans an a man for all that” as “A bands a band for all that”; a tribute to the great rock’n’rollers – Jagger, Richards, Lennon, Strummer, Costello, MacGowan et all – maybe the perfect Barley Juice anthem?