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The Broken Shillelaghs: The Broken Shillelaghs

The Broken Shillelaghs, from Brooklawn, NJ, are a 5-piece Irish musical group featuring acoustic guitar, mandolin, bass, accordion, tin-whistle, and percussion. I believe this is their first release. Though I honestly think the bhoys here have managed to squash every Irish-American cliché onto one disk – the bands name, the cartoon leprechaun, the IRA mural on the cover, the thanking of every Irish tavern and AOH division between the Hudson and Delaware – Yet despite this (or because of maybe) the 13 or so contempary Irish standards played in an upbeat Irish meets pub-rock is bloody enjoyable. It also cool to see Flogging Molly getting respect as the band cover ‘Devils Dance Floor’ along with more standard covers of material originally by the Pogues and The Wolfe Tones ect.
As the count down to Paddys day starts, if your in the New Jersey area on the big day go see these guys, you’ll have a beer soaked great time.


Various Artists: Paddy Rock Radio Volume 1

First of all hats off to Paddy Rock Radio’s John Bowels for putting this comp together. As someone who has put together a similar project I know what’s involved in pulling everything together and believe me it can be a major pain in the ass. Chicago based Paddy Rock Radio is a peer Shite’n’Onions and a long time supporter of the Celtic/Punk scene. Paddy Rock Volume 1 is a celebration of the shows 5th anniversary  and is a collection of both classic and new Paddy Rock. Some of the the music on offer here will be very familiar (The Peelers, The Prodigals, Greenland Whalefishers and The Mahones) and some stuff is new even to me. The new bands to me that I loved and now want to check out further are Flatfoot 56 (bagpipes and hardcore), The Killigans (Flogging Molly like with feeling and great vocals), Switchback (Reggae’n’Irish).

Full band list: Flatfoot 56, The Peelers, The Bloody Irish Boys, The Killigans, Jackdaw, The Go Set, The Mahones, Switchback, The Prodigals, Greenland Whalefishers, IceWagon Flu, The Scuttlers, The Broken Shillelaghs

August 2005