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Andrew Goodsight’s MusicHead: GloryTown

Fucking side projects, Huh? What’s the deal with these damned things? If I thought the bass player of one of my all time favorite bands should be the singer I’d tell him so! Who is Drew to go out and do this? Well after checking out his website for the band at http://www.andrewgoodsight.com I was quite surprised the kid’s accomplishments! I still see him as the kid making out with some guys girlfriend in front of the men’s room of the Half Door, as the boyfriend rushes him I step in the way grabbing the guy and turning him around telling him he didn’t want that kind of trouble. Then having to walk the guys to the van so they didn’t get jumped by the boyfriend laying in wait outside!

He’s just a chill bass player that likes to have a good time and couldn’t be mellower to talk to, who knew he had it in him to write such soulful and colorful songs. Is it really Irish music, or even punk rock, well um no, but he’s been the bass player for the most influential and commanding Irish Icon rock bands for quite some time and he deserves this recognition. Besides he covers Christmas Lullaby and does it about 8 thousand times better than Shane ever could, mainly because Drew has all his front teeth!

There are twelve tracks on this CD that take you through a nice mellow ride of sound and consciousness. My favorite tracks are by far the title track, his two covers and Riffing for a Change. As far as dedicating a song to P2 the Black 47, well wrangler/tour guy/ driver/ roadie/ guru and straight man was in keeping with even though this is a serious release he has fun with it, the song you ask? The Amazing Spider Man theme song!

Go find this CD for two reasons, one you secretly need a chill out album in your collection of Macc Ladd’s, GG Allin, Gobshites, Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys. And secondly it’ll impress chicks that you enjoy this deep indie music.



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