The Bloody Irish Boys: Drunk Rock

BIB are a “band” that managed to cause a lot of controversy and piss off more then a few people on the strength of the track “Drunk Tonight” that they circulated as a mp3 prior to releasing “Drunk Rock” – the big piss off factor was that it was maybe just a little to close to Flogging Molly’s “Swagger” to be a coincidence. Now while the rest of the CD is still hugely influenced by Flogging Molly and SoCal punk (“My Wicked Ways” is a little to close to something of the Mike Ness solo CD whose title escapes me) there is nothing else that can be stamped with the rip-off accusation, and in fact everything is highly listenable (even if the traditional instruments are electronic studio creations) and top quality.  So let’s give the guy (BIB are basically a one man show) a break and some encouragement and support and remember nobody in this scene is truly original and even  the mighty Flogging Molly have been accused of lifting from others – remember “Another bag of Bricks” and the riff from “Swagger” itself sounds like it was lifted from Slade.

February 2005

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