Peter Berwick: Give It Time

December 2, 2010

Peter Berwick has been trying to live the dream for close on 30 years and the dream has taken him up and down the highway between Nashville and Chicago and every Redneck and dive bar on route – even with a stop-off on ABC’s Wife Swap where he donned a yellow chick suite but that’s another story. “Give It Time” sees Peter liquored up on cheap domestic beer and Kentucky whiskey and back in the rusty pick-up but this time he’s driving hard towards the punk clubs of Chicago where on his previous two releases (Only Bleeding & Another Day in Hell) he was cursing into Nashville. Without sounding cliched and repeating his press release he does fall between Strummer and Earle – Cowpunk at its best for those who wish Joe Strummer had more of a southern twang to his sound and Steve Earle turned it up to way past 12 – highly recommended especially is you hate canned Nashville.

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