The Tossers: The First League Out From Land

“The First League Out From Land” is a stopgap EP between CD’s by C-town’s the Tossers. 5 tracks, 1 original, 2 traditional Irish and Dylan and Jerry Lee Lewis covers.The first track is the title track and only original on the EP, it’s classic Tossers, fast Irish-Punk and a fine appetizer for the new CD, “Dicey Riley” was made famous originally by the Dubliners, it’s a tale of a poor old whore “taken to the supp”, and one of those Irish drinking songs that just seems to work so well played by punks, I’m just surprised it’s never been covered before. “Donegal Danny” is another trad. number, an Irish sea shanty reminiscent of “The Irish Rover”. Bob Dylan’s “Seven Curses” is from way back in 1963 and if the Tossers are in anyway staying true to the original then Dylan sounds like he was highly influenced by his original mentors, the Clancy Brothers. The final track is Jerry Lee Lewis’s “Rockin My Life Away”, pure banjo plucking bad ass boogie woogie rock’n’roll.

November 2001

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