Dolomites: Lovely day for a Hogshead of Whiskey

I could make a quick buck with this CD. Burn some copies of it and flog them on eBay as out-takes from the upcoming Shane MacGowan and the Popes CD “20th Century Paddy” and you know what most people wouldn’t even know the difference – legend has it (or the bio at least) Shane heard these guys playing over a pub stereo in Portland and asked “Is that me?”

If you had not guessed already the Dolomites are highly influenced by Shane MacGowan, A fact that they ware proudly on their sleeve. According to the bio band founders Stevhen Ianeu and Max Skewes were backpacking in England and spending their last night in the infamous Filthy McNastys and when wanders (stumbles?) the great man himself and to cut a long story short after a long night drinking with Shane the two bhoys decide to start a band on their return to the States.

Musically “Lovely day for a Hogshead of Whiskey” is very early Pogues, but with some nice touches of Eastern European, Asian and American Folk giving it some originality and of course some Whiskey soaked Sea Shanty’s that the Pogues used to do so well. Also check out the awesome cover of Eric Bogels “Green Fields of France” – the best I’ve heard.

Lyrically it’s the classic Whisked soaked Nihilism of “Boy’s from the County Hell” and “Transmetropolitan” and the vocals just spit out the words in classic Shane style.

“The Medicine Show ” is the follow up EP to Hogshead. The band seems to have totally reinvented itself. Gone are the “Shaneism’s” replaced by if you can imagine a sort of Evil Clown/Gypsy folk sound with lots of clarinets and weird circus noises and even a touch of Louie Armstrong – very strange sounding altogether.

October 2001

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