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The Skels: Any Port in a Storm

The Skels are back (did they ever fecking go away) with their first release in over 4 years. Proving they are the Ramones/AC/DC/Motorhead of the Irish-Punk scene they have gone and made a CD that sounds exactly like the last two. Now that’s not a bad thing at all in my book. I loved both “The Book of Skels” and “Stoney Road” and still play them regularly. None of that “Maturity, Growth, Progression” crap here, the Skels are having a drunken good time so why change or even sober up. Though strangely enough this is still their best album yet and I’m putting it down to just some bloody good foot-stomping, glasses raised drink for 3 seconds songs and Chris Skels impressive lyrics as he brings us on a pub crawl from darkest Bergen County to the Cambridge Port Saloon via Flannerys in NYC and the Presidential palace’s of Chile. If you haven’t heard the Skels yet then think Sally McLennane pogoin’ with Hank Williams at a Clash show after the Bottle of Smoke came in a 25 to f**ckin 1.

Drink for 3 seconds.

September 2003