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Posted on December 29, 2013 by Mustard Finnegan

Best of lists are really just opinions and opinions are like assholes everyone has one or so its claimed – that’s probably why Rolling Stone Magazine is full of best of lists ‘cos it’s staffed by Assholes. There is no science to the Shite’n’Onions best of list it’s really just what we heard this year and what stuck in our memories. We also like to promote the underdog and give exposure where it helps – what that means is sure the Dropkick Mollys may have released a great album but the 50 people who care about this list already own the album or at least have a strong opinion on it – it’s our philosophy at Shite’n’Onions world headquarters to help those on the way up – it’s tough out there when your not using auto pitch.

We break the list into two sections, the top five and the best of the rest. Really is the album at #7 better than the one listed at #8 (or even #3) hence “the rest”, but still this isn’t kindergarten soccer and there need to be special recognition for must hears/buy/tape on Maxell c60.

The tough bit of course is picking the #1 out of a pile of worthy contenders – it’s often a bit like a parent asked who their favorite child is – they can’t. So that is why we reserve the right to have as many damn number ones as we so damn well please and if you don’t like it there is always Rolling Stone where you can read about Mumford and Sons.

So roll the fecking drums…….

The Best of the Best:

1 – Joint) Ferocious Dog: Ferocious Dog

English working class Celtic-folk punk, The Levellers meets Billy Bragg meets The Pogues. As authentic as feck.

1 – Joint) The Kidney Stones: Tales & Anecdotes for the Slightly Deranged

Gypsy, Pirate, Evil Clown with Southern Accent. Missed these guys first time through, glad I caught ‘em second time.

1 – Joint) The Tossers: Emerald City

It’s my list so if I want 3 number ones then I will have 3 number ones! The Tossers never disappoint and Emerald City proves they continue to sit on the top of the pile.

2) Bastards on Parade: Empty Bottles & Broken Things

Spain has returned to it’s Celtic roots. Dripping Dropkick Murphys with a special guest appearance from the mighy might Finny McConnell.

3) SIR REG: 21st Century Loser

Swedish-Irish Celtic-punk – like a Viking raiding party pillaging the Guinness brewery.

4) The Pogues in Paris: 30th Anniversary concert at the Olympia

The 30th anniversary gig in Paris, I have this on triple vinyl, it’s a thing of beauty. Philip RIP.

5) Continental: All a Man Can Do

Rick Barton formally of the Dropkick Murphy’s new band – big ‘ol Punk’n’Roll meet’s Johnny Cash at his baddest.

The Best of the Rest:

Fiddler’s Green: Winners and Boozers
20 years plus and still haven’t missed a beat. Pure high speed Celtic-punk with a Teutonic aggression

The Lagan: Where’s Your Messiah Now?
Neil Bates recommendation. Lad’s you need to send a copy of SnO HQ ASAP.

Lexington Field: No Man’s War
American fiddle rock from San Diego. Quantity and quality.

Meisce: Spirits and Spectres
A great swansong from a great band which includes the song of the year – “The Death of Michael Flatley”

The Vandon Arms: No Loyalty Among Thieves
The mid-wests answer to Flogging Molly. Luck it’s an off year for the Mollys

The Indulgers: Whiskey Tonight
Smooth Irish whiskey and clean mountain air. Very polished, laid back.

McDermotts 2 Hours: Anticlockwise
If this wasn’t a best of, career retrospective it would be top of the pile.

Handsome Young Strangers: Thunderbolt EP
Four tracks of Aussie colonial punk channeling Ked Kelly and Roaring Jack. A new full length, please!

The Fatty Farmers: Refarmatory
Another Spanish bands. Though this time you can practice your language skill on the sing-alongs

The Tosspints: Have You Been Drinking?
Rust belt Celtic-punk, raw and real. A band to watch.

Jasper Coal: Drowning the Shamrock
Another great find from Alabama – they must be swapping their moonshine for Poitín.

Tin Can Hooley: Racket in the Parlor
Boston punks doing old time Irish music hall. Can it be any good well? Well yes it is.

Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers: The Broken Pavement of Avondale
All politics is local right as is the music of Kevin Flynn. A musical ward boss for the north side of Chicago.

That’s 10 right?

Wondering where some of your favorite release are? Ask the frigging bands publicist…….

Potato-eating, Whiskey-drinking, Bog-trotting, CELTIC PUNK ROCK

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