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2010 was a big year for Celtic Punk with highly anticipated new releases by the big boys for the genre – Flogging Molly and the Dropkick Murphys as well as by other old favorites and a multiple of new bands. Like all lists, the Shite’n’Onions best of 2011 is an opinion of course and as they say about opinions, they are just like assholes, everyone has one. We try not to be assholes but its a top 10 so every release can’t be on it – that would defeat the purpose of a list. That said, since we’ve been at this lark 10 years we think our opinion is worth something. Finally, if you sent a CD for review and it wasn’t – sorry, we’ll try and get it done as soon as we can and hopefully we spun some tracks on the podcast anyway.

1 – Joint) The Mahones: The Black Irish

This choice was so frigging obvious, I’ve had an advance copy since December 2010 and The Black Irish set the standard for all challengers and none were able to dethrone. 20 years in the game and The Mahones are still giving it all they’ve got.

1 – Joint) The Radiators From Space: Trouble Pilgrim (US edition)

This is Philip Chevron of The Pogues legendary punk outfit. We loved the original release so much here that Shite’n’Onions spent a shite all of Mustard Finnegans retirement funds to release it ourselves and if that not a endorsement I don’t know what is. And (shameless plug) you can buy it right here.

2) Jack Flash: Jack Flash

Balls to the wall, aggressive, Aussie folk punk with a middle finger raised to their colonial overlords. A full review soon.

3) Sir Reg: A Sign Of The Times

I wish Flogging Molly made music like this these days. Keeping it from the top? Sir Reg need to add their own stamp a little more.

4) Horslips: Live At The O2

The Celtic rock originators and masters return and sound as fresh and as relevant as they were 35 years ago.

5) Bastards On Parade: Tales From The Death Shore

In your face, no punches pulled Celtic punk from Galicia (they say its part of Spain)

The next 7 in no particular order (who said you needed to keep a top 10 list to 10 anyway…..its still my feckin list)

IceWagon Flu: Off The Wagon 2

A collection of traditional Irish folk standards given the quirky Flu twist – totally original and totally infectious.

The Go Set: Another Round In Melbourne Town

What I would give to see these guys live……this is as close as l will get I guess

The Skels: Heading For The Kjnackers Yard

Only took ‘em 8 years but it was worth the wait…..almost

Sharks Come Cruisin: A Past We Forget That We Need To Know

Pirate folk punk from Rhode Island, their second release. How did I miss the first.

The Bloody Irish Boys: Auld St. Partick

Took ’em a while but any doubts about this band are dispelled

The Langers Ball: Drunk, Sick, Tired

Their enthusiasm is infectious

Potato-eating, Whiskey-drinking, Bog-trotting, CELTIC PUNK ROCK

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