best of 2009

1.The RumjacksSound as a Pound/Hung, Drawn and Portered

Screw the ethics, yeah I released it but it’s just sooooo good.

2. NeckCome Out Fighting

Best to date, fantastic production, if there was more new stuff they would be number 1

3. Fiddlers GreenSports Day at Killaloe

19 tracks and not a filler in sight

4. The DreadnoughtsVictory Square

Head and shoulders above last years release (and a 2008 top 10)

5. The CurrencyThe Currency

Great colonial punk debut from Down Under

6. Pipes and PintsEP

Celtic Punk from the Czech Republic – no way! Yeah way!

7. Charm City SaintsHooligans and Saints

Finally!! Their debut full length

8. Smokey BastardPropping up the Floor

9. Black Irish TexasTo Hell With The King

10. (Joint) Warblefly Tenerife to Dover

10. (Joint) Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers – The Murderer, The Thief, The Minstrels and the Rest

Honorable Mentions
Horslips – Treasury: The Very Best of Horslips
The Langer’s Ball – Ships Are Sailing
Bang on the Ear – Green Grass and Gravel Roads
Surfin’ Turnips – Return To Turbo Island
Swaggerin’ Growlers – Keep Your Head Held High
The Town Pants – Shore Leave
The Rum Fellows: Okie Maritime Music for the Landlocked Pirate!!!

Bands to look out for in 2010:
Pipes & Pints
The Rumjacks
The Galway Hooker Band
Cruel Seamus
Bang on the ear

Potato-eating, Whiskey-drinking, Bog-trotting, CELTIC PUNK ROCK

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