best of 2007

1 (joint) – The BibleCodeSundays: Boots or No Boots

1 (joint) – The Radiators from Space: Trouble Pilgrim

2 – The Go Set: A Journey for a Nation

3 – The Killigans: One Step Ahead of Hell

4 – The Tossers: Agony

5 – Dropkick Murphys: The Meanest of Times

6 – McDermotts 2 Hours: Goodbye To The Madhouse

7 – Zydepunks: Exile Waltz!

8 – The Singing Loins: The Drowned Man Resuscitator

9 – Amadan: Pacifica

10. – Filthy Thievin Bastards: I’m a Son of a Gun

Honorable mentions:

Flatfoot 56: Jungle of the Midwest Sea

The Mahones: Irish Punk Collection

Three Day Threshold: Against the Grain

The Mahones VS Catgut Mary (should be #1 but for ethics)

The Swaggerin’ Growlers: The Bottle and the Bow

Potato-eating, Whiskey-drinking, Bog-trotting, CELTIC PUNK ROCK

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