Whiskey’s Wake: Wake Up, Whiskey

Whiskey’s Wake is a new band to me. From Salt Lake City, Utah of all places. Wake Up, Whiskey, the bands second release is a six-song collection of what I would describe as 90s indie rock – you know, all happy and jingly – meets a bottle of Paddy Irish Whiskey. Well for the first four songs at least. By song five (Bloodlust) they’ve downed the bottle of whiskey and gone is happy and jingly and now they are barroom brawling and by the close they are in Dingle, fighting with the Tinkers over Red Haired Mary.

I really enjoyed Wake Up, Whiskey. Whiskey’s Wake have great pop sensibilities, strong melodies and the music is a lot of energetic fun. The album is available digitally on bandcamp.


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