Congratulations to Ferocious Dog on their recent overnight success (after 32 odd years together as a band), when they almost cracked the UK top 10, charting ahead of Drake, with their new album, Hope. We here at Shite’n’Onions HQ have admired Ferocious Dog since its 2013 debut for both its music and DIY spirit. Hope, is the band’s fifth studio album and in my opinion their best to date. If you are unfamiliar with Ferocious Dog, the Nottinghamshire based six-piece, play fiddle infused, English folk-punk with an occasional ska or reggae undertone and a nod in the direction of The Levellers and McDermott’s Two Hours mixed with old fashioned English labour politics. Hope, contains 17 tracks and each one is as deserving as the next to be on the album – there is not a filler to be found. Though, if I had to pick my absolute favourite tracks they would include the first world war inspired ballad, 1914, the old school Punk Police, Born Under Punches and Broken Soldier, a track about PTSD, a subject very close to the band.


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