The Tossers: A shot with T. Duggins

October 2005

The scene: a small nearly empty part of Providence in a nearly empty bar scattered with various levels of punk rockers. The bar itself in the basement of what used to be a club is laid out nicely and looks too classy for the clientele this evening. The bartender looks more like a rave kid who seems only mildly amused at his patrons this evening, but is pouring a wide selection of beer and booze. For most though the choice is clear, the nearly local beer Narragansett.

My brother and I made the Monday evening trip down to the bar in little over an hour which is pretty impressive considering I did get lost! Once we got there, there was plenty of parking and the neighborhood was very quiet. The door staff was nice and there was plenty of room to fit a lot of people, if only it were the weekend. I do my usual walk in and search for the smiling face to welcome me to the show, and sure enough it’s one Gobshite after another that finds me. A round of welcomes and thanks for coming outs leads me to such parchment I needed a beer, luckily this happens to be a bar that serves such libations so I bellied up and ordered myself a pint. Looking over to the merchandise tables I noticed another familiar face, so I went over to say hi. It was Aaron Duggins, the tin whistle player and quiet guy of the group, not that the rest of them mind you are chatter boxes, but you really have be good at holding your end of a conversation to talk at length with Aaron.

I made my way around the room as the opening act played on and weren’t too bad, but I was waiting for The Gobshites and The Tossers to come on. When Tony Duggins came down the stairs and made his way around the room shaking hands to the local fans and people he knew, I was talking with Pete from The Gobshites about some nonsense or other. I stopped Tony and introduced the two and we all began to talk. When Pete had to go set up Tony and I retired to the bar for a pint or two. Part way through The Gobshites set in which The Tossers were definitely getting a kick out of boys show up there on stage, I pulled Tony over to the bar to do a shot.

T. was much more talkative this evening than was his brother and we decided that it was ok to discuss the future of the band this evening. We were sharply distracted of course by the lovely golden nectar being poured into little glasses that stood in front of us. I asked a series of quick questions, and caught up on what he’s been into. So I suppose here’s where the dirt is dished, where I tell you all I know about the future plans of The Tossers.

Well their touring for most the rest of this fall with the Siderunners, which includes an early member of The Tossers, a great treat the band is one hell of a live act. It also seems there’s a good bond between the bands, which will make the days fly by. If you check the website you will notice that the end of the tour is back home for the band in Chicago, and there is a good reason for that. The band will be backing the studio recording their second CD for Victory records. “This is gonna be the sickest darkest one yet” claims Tony after I accused Victory of softening their political and dark side in favor of fun drinking songs like those of other big bands. Tony defends Victory by saying, even though they’ve changed interns and staff on the band he claims, “ We’ll be with them as long as they’ll have us.” That’s comforting since I kind of like going into those big chain music stores and seeing their CD on the shelf.

Before we got distracted by having to get on stage to do a limerick with The Gobshites we discussed his solo project, which he’s proud of but at the same time seems a little disappointed in. I asked him if he’d do another one which he seemed doubtful of, as he says it was done as a favor for Thick records which he feels he’s fulfilled his commitment to and left on good terms. Apparently it wasn’t a fun recording process and he wasn’t too comfortable discussing it in length.

So how was the show? It was great, lots of old stuff towards an audience that only knows the new stuff, you know how that goes. It was all capped off by my drunk brother going to take a piss off the Pike and taking a header down the embankment. Best quote of the evening goes to my brother Kevin, “The grass didn’t hold me up.” I still have the tufts of grass to prove it!

Grilled by – Therover413

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