Tommy & The Terrors, Hudson Falcons, The Skels, Darkbuster – The Middle East, Cambridge MA, (July 28, 2001)

There were a lot of reasons to make tonight’s sold out show a great one; a Tommy & the Terrors/Darkbuster split CD release party, a Boston v’s New Jersey showdown and ‘Darkbusters’ last ever show.

Tommy & the Terrors
First up were Tommy & the Terrors (wasn’t there an Irish Punk band called Terry and the Terrors once?); now stripped down to a four piece after the departure of guitarist Kevin. Tommy & the Terrors can be best described as “Yobcore”; a cross between Oi, Street Punk with a good dose of old school Boston hardcore played with the f**k you attitude of a soccer hooligan. A good live set which included a great Bad Brains cover thrown in. If you’re into fast, catchy Street Punk check’em out.

Hudson Falcons
Next up were New Jersey’s Hudson Falcons; a band I really admire. Easily the best of the new Punk band that have arrived on the scene over the last couple of years. Mark Linskey and Co. can easily claim to be the hardest working band in America; two split CD’s a full length CD in the last six months and always f**kin on tour. The Hudson Falcons took control of stage like the road master they are and played a blistering set of Rock’n’Roll influenced Punk. Nice to see “Come out you Black and Tans” back in the set, “The Rat is Dead” ripped some faces off down front and “Alternative Ulster” would have made Jake Burns envious in ’79 let alone 2001.

The Skels
Chants of “Yankee’s Suck”, “Yankee’s Suck”, resonated around the now near full to capacity Middle East as the Jersey flag laden Skels claimed the stage to do battle with the Red Sox nation. The Skels are a bunch of Jersey lad’s playing some of the finest Punk-Folk this side or that side of Hoboken. Anyone who said you can’t mosh to banjos was never at a Skel’s gig.
High points of the set were; the bruising cover of Shane MacGowan’s “Donegal Express”, “Broken Heart in Every Empty Glass” dedicated to Darkbuster, the encore of “South Australia” and Scott Heath keeping his clothes on.
Low points; no “Finest White Girl” (guys I had brought my Ska dancing shoes just for it) and Chris taking his clothes off.

Let Darkbuster be a warning to you! Don’t ever bring that friend of yours who happens to be a Sawdoctors fan to a punk show. They will jump right into the mosh pit, arms and legs flailing and come out with a busted head so you’ll have to leave with them within five songs. From what I did see of Darkbuster, I just can’t believe it was the first time I’ve ever heard them (and the last). They were excellent, imagine if Blink-182 was any good or Greenday had balls and a fondness for Budweiser only Gang Green in their heyday could match.

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