Hudson Falcons, Wrong Side of the Tracks – Emerald Isle, Dorchester MA, (August 26, 2001)

The Hudson Falcons are like Rock’n’Roll evangelists, spreading their “Punk’n’Roll” gospel throughout the punk revival tents of America. The Hudson Falcons will play anywhere, anytime, whether to two or a thousand of the faithful.

This should have been a review of Ireland’s Blood or Whiskey but due to very last minute visa hassles Blood or Whiskey ended up stranded in Dublin. The Hudson Falcons jumped in at the last minute so a show could go ahead. There was a reasonable turnout considering all the confusion.

The Hudson Falcons provided us with an hour and a quarter of their SFL/Cocksparrer/Springsteen influenced “Shell Shock Rock”. Tonight’s show definitely had a strong Irish bent (to make up for the Blood or Whiskey no show). The rarely played “Brenda Murphy”, “Monahans”, “The Rat is Dead” and of course “Come out you Black and Tans” played with a ferocity that could stop a Wolfe Tones pacemaker (Pat “nimble fingers” Kennedy helped on piano). The new songs fitted in perfectly to the set – even “Sweet Rock’n’Rollin…” in my opinion the weakest track on “For Those…”, was one of the best live along with “Johnny Law”

Check’em out if you haven’t and unlike The Monkey’s they will be coming to you town.

Support was from Wrong Side of the Tracks, it wouldn’t be fair to review them here cos they were really the PA guinea pigs and the sound sucked for 85% of their set. For the record they play Social D. influenced “Punk’n’Roll” with the nice addition of a piano to the sound.

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