The Dolomites – Kells Irish Pub, Portland, OR (March 17, 2002)

First off, Holy Shit!, secondly, What the fuck?! The Dolomites have become the most entertaining and bizzare band of all time! This show had nothing to do with St. Paddy’s Day, and neither did the music! In fact the band has turned into an evil circus clown/gypsy polka band! The show is just as much visual as musical. The gutiar/clarinet player was dressed up like Spiderman, the squeezebox/vocalist sat on a toilet for the whole show and sang songs from the semi-CD, “The Medicine Show”. The part time banjo player sporting a culinary chef jacket and blond Sammy Hagar wig, cooked up some fish n’ chips onstage in a garbage can and served it on the garbage can lid to the audience as they came up to the stage. The band kept yelling at the crowd “You fucking Germans!!” and “Have some fish flesh!!!” They played some newer songs like “Hop Scotch” and “Rose City….What The Fuck!” and “A Japanese Pop Song.”

More or less they were just playing around on a late Sunday night. It was the drummer’s last show after about four years. The Squeezebox-Singer was jumping in the air, setting a candle inside the toilet on flames with some kind of flammable powder! (non-dairy creamer maybe?) I wish I had a video recorder! If you see The Dolomites van pull into your town, call the authorities, and ask the mental ward if they have about six or seven padded rooms for some very insane individuals! I don’t know how often these guys tour, but, you won’t want to miss this show!!”

Review by Brian Gillespie

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