Whiskey Devils – A Tribute to The Mahones

April 26, 2005

Not a new release by any shot, but I just got my hands on Whiskey Devils – A Tribute to The Mahones (cheers Finny for passing on). The tribute was put together to celebrate The Mahones 20th anniversary (they just hit 25 years last Paddy’s day). Obviously with a such a strong back catalog there were plenty of classic and seminal Celtic punk songs to choose from and 19 of The Mahones most legendary track are presented here with not a duff version amongst them. I have to call out a few of the tracks as must hears; Drunk Lazy Bastard as interpreted by The Popes (its all bad attitude), Shake Hands With The Devil a frigging incredible almost industrial/metal version by the Bloody Irish Boys, the down and out London by Paul-Ronney Angel and Aaron Chapman‘s lounge lizard sleaze of Cocktail Blue.

The Popes (England) – Drunken Lazy Bastard
The Peelers (Canada) – Rise Again
Brutus’ Daughters (Spain) – Take Me Back
Paul-Ronney Angel (England) – London
Roughneck Riot (England) – Across The USA
Drink Hunters (Spain) – Take No Prisoners
The Vandon Arms (U.S.A.) – Down The Boozer
The Ryan Brothers (Canada) – Streets Of New York
Bastards On Parade (Spain) – Paint The Town Red
The Bloody Irish Boys (U.S.A.) – Shake Hands With The Devil
Aaron Chapman (Canada) – Cocktail Blue
Drunken Dru (Canada) – Is This Bar Open Til’ Tomorrow?
Pladdohg (U.S.A.) – Whiskey Devils
Black Friday (England) – There She Goes
The Gobshites (U.S.A.) – A Drunken Night In Dublin
Hit The Bottle Boys (U.S.A.) – Queen & Tequila
Paddy McCallion (Ireland) – Back Home
Cabor Toss (Canada) – Drunken Lazy Bastard (Live)
Mark Gilligan (Ireland) – Girl With Galway Eyes

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