The Tosspints: The Privateer

September 10, 2015

The Privateer is the 4th full length from Saginaw, Michigan based three piece The Tosspints. Nothing too different from the band’s last album, Have You Been Drinking? that we reviewed awhile back – maybe a little less of a folk influence to the music though a new nautical theme is found throughout the album.  Haven’t heard The Tosspints before then think MC5, Hudson Falcons or even Social D., with a Celtic/Americana influence and as much blue-collar authenticity as the dirt under the nails of a West Virginia coal miner (and even if they do the odd pirate song).

One song I wanted to give a shout out to was the almost sixteen minute long The Privateer and yeah, I remember what I wrote about seventeen minute epics but this is sixteen and is structured like three – with a folk introduction that builds to a rock epic and never drags or sounds self indulgent.

Looking for authentic working class rock’n’roll then go no further.

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