Mr. Irish Bastard: The World, The Flesh & The Devil

May 28, 2015

Mr. Irish Bastard from Münster, Germany have the greatest name in all of Celtic-punk. If that name doesn’t get across what Celtic-punk is I don’t know what does. The World, The Flesh & The Devil, the Bastard’s latest full-length is a great example of the genre – fast, punkie and spitting attitude. Obviously Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys are big influences but I also hear the Levellers. Strangely enough I wouldn’t compare Mr. Irish Bastard directly to their German brethren (The Porters, Auld Corn Brigade or Muirsheen Durkin and Friends) but to their Scandinavian cousins such as Greenland WhalefishersFinnegan’s Hell and especially Sir Reg.

The World, The Flesh & The Devil is a great album with lots of highlights but specifically;

I Hope They Sell Beer In Hell, which is straight outta the Bon Scott school of optimism

The charming Fuck You My Darling

and even a song about me, Ballad of a Work Shy Man

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