Kilkenny Knights: Brady’s Pub Tales

October 3, 2014

Kilkenny Knights are not actually from the medieval capital of Ireland but from Bavaria, though I guess the name Teutonic Knights just doesn’t have the right ring to it that you’d expect from a Celtic-punk band. The Kilkenny Knights have been around since 2009 and Brady’s Pub Tales their first full length. These guys must have been practicing real hard over the last 5 years as Brady’s Pub Tales is a bloody great debut. The music is classic Celtic-punk with strong Dropkick Murphys influences – bagpipes, big guitars and strong sing-a-long courses. In addition the Kilkenny Knights include some German folk influences that fit in real nice with the Celtic melodies. Honestly not a bad song over the entire almost hour of music and more then a few that could wake the dead and induce them into jig. Highlight include The Final Course and the the dead waking Dance! 

Check ’em out Brady’s Pub Tales it really hasn’t been out of my car CD player for the last two months its that good.

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