The Kidney Stones: Tales & Anecdotes For The Slightly Deranged

December 2, 2003

Once in a while a band slips through the cracks and I’m sorry to say that The Kidney Stones debut album, Raise ‘Em Up, fell through the cracks. They sent it and I put it in the “to listen to” pile then forgot ’bout it until recently when Tales & Anecdotes For The Slightly Deranged arrived in the PO box. So outta guilt I put them to the top of the “listen to next” pile though I wasn’t expecting much beyond bog-standard Celtic-punk.


Bhoy was I wrongs!

Yeah it’s Celtic punk but it’s the Irish Rover and it’s been hijacked by crew of Gypsy pirates from the port of New Orleans and they’ve raised the Jolly Rodger . Reminiscent at time of The Dolomites at their evil circus best. One of the highlights of the year.

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