The BiblecodeSundays: Live Near Abbey Road (Park Royal)

May 29, 2014

London’s BibleCodeSundays have been busy bhoys as of recent with late last years new studio album, New Hazardous Design and now The BibleCode Sundays – live near Abbey Road (Park Royal). As a band that play the Irish circuit in London they have always included covers in their set and this album is a response to requests to record and release those covers. As you see from the track listing the covers are mainstream but off beat for an Irish band and each track is given the BibleCode’s fiddle and accordion twist.

Highlights include Thin Lizzy’s Dancing in the Moonlight (great guitar and a funky bass as it should be), Step Step Beyond, the Madness classic given the Ceili treatment and a stunning version of Time After Time (and honestly this was so stuck in my brain and I couldn’t remember who did that original that I needed to google it – Cindy friggn’ Lauper – a great song/version all the same).

There are 13 covers in all and include:

Babe O”Reilly (The Who)
Fisherman’s Blues (The Waterboys)
Galway Girl (Steve Earle)
Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Clash)
Town Called Malice (The Jam)
Live Forever
Pat’s Reels
My Girl
Waggon Wheel

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