Prydein: Heads Up

March 5, 2013

I think this CD is actually from 2010 though we just received a copy in the Shite’n’Onions PO box a wee while back. Prydein are from Vermont and Heads Up is the second release from then that I’ve heard – the other being the magnificent Loud Pipes Save Lives. I’m happy to say Heads Up follows (or proceeds even) in the same size 12 foot steps as LPSL. Haven’t had the pleasure yet? Well Prydein’s music can be described as loud rock’n’roll with louder bagpipes – Bon Scott era AC/DC meets the Angus MacFerguson Highland Pipe band. The cover of The J Geils Band’s Centerfold is a must hear as is the early Black Sabbath (with pipes of course) sounding instrumental The Big Apple Heist. A fine release indeed – even if it took ’em over a year to save for the postage mail it on.

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