Meisce: Spirits and Spectres

June 30, 2013

Seattle’s Meisce may have called it a day as of May but they have left us their swansong in the form of their 17 track final release “Spirits and Spectres” a collection of previously unreleased tracks and two tracks from the “Bored of the Dance “single from a while ago. Meisce play crusty folk punk mixing Celtic, Gypsy, and Klezmer and they do (did) it very well as evidenced on “Spirits and Spectres”. That said if the band had sent me a blank mangled c-60 cassette I’d still have given “Spirits and Spectres” high marks just for having a song titled “The Death of Michael Flatley” – feckin classic!

We’ll hang him from the highest tree
And break both of his fucking knees!
Drag the bastard through the rain
And kick him in the face again!

Great stuff indeed and a band that will be missed.

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