Black 47: Last Call

April 1, 2014

Sadden that Last Call will be the final album by NYC Irish-rock legends Black 47. If you don’t know it already the band are calling it a day and disbanding this coming November on the 25th anniversary of the bands first gig. Nothing like calling it on your own terms.

Happy that Last Call is a very fine album. It’s got all that makes Black 47 so special – the irrestiable mix of Celtic, Latin and Jazz and the sounds of the five boroughs stitched together on top of a rock’n’roll steel frame. Larry’s lyrics takes us from the hedonistic days of old Culchie Prince and Dublin Days to the US of A of 2014 with often an uncompromising (and sometime unpopular) political stance – Let The People In.

Favorites – The Night The Showbands Died (about the Miami Show Band massacre), the laid back Salsa O’Keefe and the epic Ballad of Brendan Behan.

Thanks guys for all the music and the shows over the years. You’ll be missed.

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