Bastards on Parade: Empty Bottles & Broken Things

October 2, 2013

“Empty Bottles & Broken Things” is the follow-up full length by Galician Celtic-punk band Bastards on Parade to their very fine debut album “Tales from the Death Shore”. The bands new label Wolverine Records must have had a lot of faith in Bastards on Parade and are certainly willing to spend the dough on the band bring in producer John Rioux (Street Dogs) and I think that faith has paid off in another very fine album. No surprises here if you’ve heard BoP before, hardcore punk with pipes influenced by The Real McKenziesThe Street Dogs and Dropkick Murphys of course.

Standout tracks include Outcasts (with Finny from The Mahones guesting) and Shallow Waters (my personal favorite). Like I said a very fine album and if you like stuff like Warriors Code era Dropkick Murphys then this you’ll love. The band are on the road in Europe and if you can, catch ‘em.

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