The Fisticuffs: You’ll Not Take Us Alive

June 16, 2011

There is a old joke that goes something like this…..

Question – How do you describe a well balanced Irish man?

Answer – Someone with a chip on both shoulders.

Well The Fisticuffs are a bunch of well balanced, streetwise, blue collar Irish fellows from Chicago, so not only have they the chips they have big shoulders and they aint afraid to use’em. You’ll Not Take Us Alive is The Fisticuffs 3rd full length release and its fast and abrasive Celtic punk straight off the streets of the Southside. I’d describe The Fisticuffs as ‘old’ Flogging Molly, meets The Popes meets The Tossers in a bar brawl and they are the ones with the knuckledusters and they don’t pull punches.

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