Bastards on Parade: Death Shore Pirates

July 24, 2011

Though we ran extensive (and very positive) review of Death Shore Pirates a little while back we had a request for an opinion from Mustard Finnegan himself – usually we don’t that but since the request was from our good friend Waldo @ Celtic-Folk-Punk we decided to oblige.

So from the pen of Mustard Finnegan:

Bastards on Parade are from Galicia (they say its part of Spain) and with a name like Bastards on Parade you know were the influence is coming from without even spinning the disk – Flogging Molly! Just pulling your plonker! When you do spin the disk the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree – fast, loud punk with gritty vocals (and without the trace of an accent), Gangs All Here vocals and bagpipes of course – though I’m guessing the pipes are more regional to Galicia then the Highland pipes favored by the Murphys – giving the bands at least some individuality on a genre overflowing with similar and copy cat stuff (then again if originally was something your looking for your reading the wrong zine – we do traditional’n’TNT here) but if your looking for 1st class Celtic punk and from a proudly Celtic part of Spain then Death Shore Pirates will satisfy that need.

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