Bang On The Ear: Tales from The Glen

July 7, 2011

Tales From The Glen is the 2nd full length from Canada’s Bang On The Ear, following up on the excellent but somewhat overlooked Green Grass And Gravel Roads. Bang On The Ear are based in the hotbed of Celtic-rock that is the County Glengarry – home of people like The Peelers, The Glengarry Bhoys and Enter The Haggis – but their hearts lie across the broad Atlantic in the Celtic nations, with the Scottish tradition strongest.

So the album itself? Solid to very good, no frills, straight ahead Celtic-rock with no surprises (and none wanted). Similar to The Peelers and The Town Pants – good time, high energy, Celtic-rock that will keep Bang On The Ear busy on the bar and festival circuit of Canada and the US for the foreseeable future. Go seem play and go pick up this album – its money better spent then on overpriced burgers, soggy fries and undersized warm beer peddled at the festivals.

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