The Rumjacks: Hung, Drawn and Portered

September 25, 2009

There used to be a commercial when I was a kid for an electric razor and basically the premise was that the razor gave such a good shave that the old American geezer in the commercial “bought the company”.

Hung, Drawn and Portered is the musical equivalent of that 1970s razor – so good the I was willing to put down the cash to finance the release of the EP. 5 tracks in all: 3 fast folk/punkers with strong Australian roots, an incredible cover of the old Belfast skipping rhyme, “I’ll Tell Me Ma” and the amazing ska/reggie meets Irish of the appropriately titled “Paddy goes to Babylon”

Buy this EP. You won’t hear a better new band this year and I’m not saying that because I put my own hard earned cash down but because it’s good enough for me to put my cash down on.

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