The Fatty Farmers – 3-Track Sampler

July 27, 2010

Out of the unlikely region of Toledo, Spain, comes The Fatty Farmers, a young, seven-piece entry in the ever growing field of Celtic Folk-Punk.

The instrumentation used to create The Fatty Farmer sound involves electric and acoustic guitar, bass and drums and joined by fiddle, gaita, (Spanish bagpipes,) whistle, and mandolin shared amongst the band’s seven players.

Comparisons to Flogging Molly are inevitable in the case of The Fatty Farmers. Due not only to the amazingly Dave King-esque vocals, but in the general feel and energy of the band. The manic pace of the songs on this three-track sampler, (all available on the band’s MySpace page, by the way,) also reminds me of the Japanese “Rustic Stomp” bands, like Junior, The Cherry Cokes, and The Croagh Patrick. And that is some damn good company for such a fledging outfit!

The three tracks on The Fatty Farmers’ sampler are opener, “Baja California,” “Island,” and (my favorite,) “Tomorrow.” All well-constructed and arranged, sung in English and played with such infectious enthusiasm that one soon forgets any similarities to those other bands.

I really hope this band can develop their sound to stand a little bit further away from their obvious influences. The band certainly has the chops, and some interesting and enjoyable material. It shouldn’t take too long to see, though, since the The Farmers apparently begin recording their debut release this winter.

Definitely worth keeping an ear out for!

Review by Christopher P. Toler, THE Blathering Gommell

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