Dirty Filthy Mugs – Half Pint/Another Round

January 24, 2010

The Dirty Filthy Mugs may be a relatively young band, (less than a year old!) but consists of seasoned veterans of the Los Angeles punk scene. And in their short time together, the band has put out two EPs in 2009, “Half Pint” and “Another Round.”

It is difficult to chart the growth of a band who put out two EPs in so close a period of time. Half Pint was the band’s debut, yet it is a pretty finished and polished piece of work. An in-your-face collection of songs tailor-made for a frantic night out with booze and good company.

Another Round is the follow-up EP, that, although, follows the same Dirty, Filthy formula, contains six songs that really stand out! Some great material, (with a killer title track being my personal favorite!) and not a dog in the pack.

The Dirty Filthy Mugs’ music is a straightforward and aggressive street punk, with some stadium-style guitar-work amped-up to the appropriate punked-out velocity and laced with some occasional accordion, giving a vaguely Celtic feel to it. The music on both EPs clearly gives an indication of the band’s energy, and if I hear of any shows in the Boston area, I will surely be in the crowd! These Mugs are the real deal and this is some good stuff.

Also, according to their MySpace page, a new Mugs release, entitled “All Yobs In,” is due out early in 2010!

Review by Christopher Toler, THE Blathering Gommel

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