Circle J: Weekend Warriors

May 11, 2010

I’ve just been punched hard in the face by Circle J. Sorry guys. I had no idea how good you are. I remember getting the last Cd, “Fat Mans Chest”, a couple of years back and unfortunately it ended up in the I’ll get to that later pile where it still languishs. Sorry again. “Weekend Warriors” showed up a little bit ago and stuck for a track to use on the Flatfoot 56 podcast I gave WW a spin, cos, well it was sitting in a pile of CDs in front of me. With in 30 seconds 1875 had flogged me into submission and within 1 spin of the CD I was totally blown away as to just how good these guys are – think Flogging Molly covering Dropkick Muphys. Easily the find of the year (though I wish I had found them in 2007 not 2010)……now to dig out “Fat Mans Chest and maybe a featured podcast….guys can you forgive me?

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