Tommy and The Terrors: 13 the Hard Way

In their early days, Slapshot were called “the closest thing to American Oi since Iron Cross” and in many ways, it was an apt description. Choke and company sang about things that mattered to the kids in Boston, all set to a background of hard and chanted hardcore punkrock. It wasn’t about phony British accents or dressing to the tee like a wannabe Joe Hawkins – it was about music and attitude – a lifestyle. American skinheads. American Oi.

In many ways, I see Tommy and the Terrors as heirs to the Slapshot throne. The similarities are all there: Boston bands made up of unpretentious types, skinheads and non, who are telling things like they see it, all the while sounding similar to how Choke and co. did it – more rock’n’roll but complete with an old-style hardcore attitude meets chanted British Oi choruses.

T&TT have matured by leaps and bounds since their first offerings. They come at you with a double guitar-style led by Lance and Mike and it shines, with Ryan on bass and Anders on drums, rounded out by the mighty Tommy the Terrible on the microphone, barking orders to Boston crowds like a skinhead Lee Ermy.

If Boston steetrocknroll appeals to you, then check this out for sure. Highlights for me include: “Pull the Plug” the catchy as hell “Turn the Screw,” “Washed Up,” the nice guitar work in “Looking Glass,” and “Radioactive Radio.” “Lot 11” is also a winner, with its Boston sports provincial subject matter – the New England Revolution. Makes me grin thinking about the crew attending said games – although I’d have to argue the Chicago Fire are the team to set a tune around.

In the end, all the tunes hit you in the face like “a train pulling 20 cars of aggro” to quote my favorite poster on the now defunct DKM message board. Boston pubarios rejoice!!! You’ve got a house band to rival the might of the legendary Slapshot.

September 2003

Sean Holland

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