The Tossers: Gloating and Showboatin’ (Live on St. Patrick’s Day)

Live on St. Patrick’s Day indeed!!! Haven’t both the Dropkick Murphy’s and Shane MacGowan previously released Live on St. Patrick’s Day concerts? Basically, here we have a CD/DVD package of The Tossers live in their home town of Chicago on the big day in 2006. Live and in the raw is the best way to experience the Tossers and both the disk and DVD do a great job. In fact all that’s missing from experiencing the real live Tossers show is getting an elbow in the face and some clown pukeing on your shoes. Also, its nice to finally have a version of “Seven Drunken Nights” with Clay on vocals. The CD and DVD are both from the same set but there is also a whole bunch of additional live/bootleg/videos on the DVD. A great double disk and great value.

(PS I very almost slammed this release ‘cos I was pissed the Victory can’t seem to think to send Shite’n’Onions a review copy – then again I should be thankful I ain’t on their promo list ‘cos I can’t stand anything else on the Victory label.)


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