The Gobshites: Get Bomber/Another Round

“Get Bomber” and “Another Round” are two separate CDs both released on the same day by one of my favorite bands. Boston’s own The Gobshites. The Gobshites basically take old punk-rock standards, preferably punk-rock drinking standards and give’em a good old Celtic headbutt in the nuts. Highlights on “Get Bombed” include “Nervous Wreck” (The Nips), “Alcohol” (Gang Green), “Too Drunk To Fuck” (Dead Kennedys) and “Long Way Back” (The Ramones with Tommy Ramone helping out The Gobshites on backing vocals). Highlights on “Another Round” include “Frigging in the Rigging” (Sex Pistols) and “Drinking and Driving” (Peter and The Test Tube Babies). Also, “When The Shite Hits The Fan”, The Gobshites first release has been remastered and re-released.


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