Street Dogs: Back to the World (a 2nd opinion)

Yes I know I’m late to the plate with this review of Back to the World, but I certainly have a fresh take on this CD. After rifling through the racks at Newbury Comics this afternoon I found that there really isn’t anything new out there for us lovers of the shamrock rock. So I grabbed the new Street Dogs, because I liked there Savin Hill full length and there two EP’s they put out, however there was a slight problem with all the there stuff I bought when I saw them live for the first time at a Flogging Molly show in Boston. The problem I found with them was there lack of material. What do I mean by that? Well the problem popped it’s head on this album as well, they are a phenomenal group, and Mike was everything I loved about the Dropkick Murphy’s, but maybe they may have wanted to expand their song book before pushing this CD as a new album.

Most the tracks here are somewhere else, on another CD, somewhere on an EP or on Savin Hill their first full length. I’m a little disappointed by this, but I didn’t let it get in the way of enjoying what was new, and there were a few really great songs. Before I catch crap for this, I do realize this was a major release as opposed to the smaller more local releases they have come out with over the past few years. That’s why when I looked over the track list in the store I bought it in I weighed the decision to buy it in support of the band or just pass it up until something else came along. Well I bought it; I want to see these guys do well.

As far as the songs on the CD as they are, they were produced very well. This band is incredibly tight and Mike I swear turns every band he’s into gold! The band has a sound that the Dropkick Murphy’s should have stuck with, not their slow change to a traditional Irish music cover band. Its funny how most Irish rock bands start with little original music, and rock out trad songs to fill time in sets, and here’s the Dropkicks going in the opposite direction. But the Street Dogs struck out as a rock band and I‘m sure they are going to make it big. Just as long as their sitting around writing more songs when they are not touring we need more of the Street Dogs!


Review – Therover413

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