Mutiny: Bag of Oats / Digging for Gold

“Folk Punk For Punk Folks”

Melbourne Australia’s, Mutiny have sailed the seven seas for over a dozen years, and the quality of the music reflects the years of hard work they’ve put into their craft. For some reason or another, Mutiny’s pirate ship has gone undetected by alot of landlubbers over the years. Hopefully that will change when they release a new album next year. (and a possible US tour?) If you’re a fan of nautical-folk-punk that leans toward sea shanties, and ballads (much like The Dolomites early stuff did) than this is your band.

2002’s album, “Bag of Oats” is six-song CD that will knock yer pegleg off. The lyrics of folk songs should tell the listener about what’s really going on in their paticular part of the world, and with songs that speak about current and historical issues, that’s exactly what Mutiny does, and with a true Aussie accent throughout the vocals to boot. Musically, the album has no weak spots either. It really is folk punk for punk folks. I tried to pick a favorite track from this album, but I couldn’t do it. Each and every song is as solid as stone. More or less what it does is make me itch for the new album!

Next up is a single titled “Digging For Gold”. Released just before the holiday season last X-mas, the single contains three songs such as: “Digging For Gold”, the previously released “Bag Of Oats”, and “Heave Up”. It’s just as solid as their earlier material. So there you have it. Mutiny is obviously a quality group from the land down under. Those of you who have heard them before know what i’m talking about, and those of you that haven’t had best get off your arses and get familiar with ’em, because if they do tour the States, we need to do our best to support them. I know I will! (and if that’s not a plea for them to come to Portland- then I don’t know what is!!!)

September 2003

Review by Brian “Capt. Redbeard” Gillespie

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