Kirt McLeod/Seven Nations: A Celtic Rock Tribute to the Cure

Definitely a strange one here. The Cure and Celtic rock is not something I would ever think would go together but Celtic Rockers, Seven Nations have pulled together a 10 track tribute covering some of The Cure’s best know tracks (“Boys Don’t Cry”, “Love Cats”, “Why Can’t I Be you” etc.) – now to be honest while The Cure were huge in my school back in the day, I never liked them – my tastes then were more along the lines of Megadeth and Judas Priest. I will admit The Cure wrote some very fine songs. So what is a Celtic Rock tribute like? Well, very much true to the sound of The Cure, guitars a bit louder then the jingly pop sound of old and layered on top is a Celtic wall of sound – Bagpipes, Fiddles, flutes and all. Kirt McLeod does Robert Smith very well (though occasionally hitting some annoying falsetto territory). If you remember The Cure or looking for some great songs given a Celtic twist check this oooot.


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