JD And The Longfellows: Happy Hour Again

I really feel that I didn’t give JD And The Longfellows first album, “Confessions”, a fare shake when I was putting together the Shite’n’Onions best releases of 2006. It didn’t quite make the top 10 – mostly cos I only got me grubby hands on the release late in December of that year – so I gave them an honorable mention. In retrospect 2 years later and after multiple listens if I could go back in time I’d move it up into the top 5 (then again if I could go back to 2006 I’d more likely be cleaning up on sports betting wins…..).

I’m very glad to say the “Happy Hour Again” is more of the same as the hedonistic JD leads his Longfellows through a drunken night of debauchery through London’s low life pubs in his familiar growling baritone. The Longfellows are the ultimate party-folk band with their mix of drinking lyrics and aggressive folk-punk meets jazz meets blues and American Country. I also really like the angelic jazzy backing and co- vocals of Clare Longfellow who acts as the perfect foil to the growling JD on this release. And if that doesn’t take your fancy then note this – ‘Happy Hour Again” is the ultimate party record of the year.



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