Ceann: Rant, Rave, Lose Pants

“Yankee-Irish drinking music” says the CD cover proudly and after a good few solid listens, who am I to disagree. Pittsburgh’s Ceann are a contemporary Irish-America folk rock group playing drinking music for the drinking class (not sure who I stole that description from), The Clancy Brother meets The Beach Boys or even The Monkeys with a comical twist to their lyrics. Honestly, if you haven’t broken a smile by the end of the 15 tracks on “Rant, Rave, Lose Pants” your dead (and if your not, then have a friggin drink and lighten up). Outstanding track “Last one standing” pretty much sums these guys up, “Irish, American and proud”.

Guys how ‘bout a show (or better still a fight) with The Gobshites for the title of Americas funniest Micks.


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