Black 47: Iraq

Somewhere deep down I just know B47s main man Larry Kirwan gives thanks for GWB. I’m not saying that beneath the veneer of an East Village liberal is a gun toting red neck (and haired) Republican, but if it wasn’t for GWB and the Iraq war then B47 would still be stuck in the neutral gear they have found themselves in for the last few years. “Iraq” has again given Black 47 that purpose they had in their early albums. For those of you new to the scene and unfamiliar with Black 47 – the basic B47 sound is a familiar traditional Irish foundation built upon by horns, punk’n’pub rock (and the blues!!! in “Sadr City”) along with Kirwan’s Springsteen like lyrics that on Iraq look at the war though the eyes of the ordinary s olider, Iraqi and loved ones left behind (“The ballad of Cindy Sheehan” is touching – though still I think she is insane). Still one of the best and most original bands out there.


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