The Kissers: Good Fight

I would wager that The Kissers have played every pub, club and toilet in the US at least twice in the last twelve months, or so it seems from their touring schedule. The hard work though has really paid off on their latest CD; “Good Fight”. “Good Fight” is easily the bands best release and that’s not a knock to their last release “Fire in the Belly” which is a fine CD in its own right. But on “Good Fight” the band really have their shit together – great playing, super tight and ultimately great songs.  The Kissers started off as a Pogues cover band and yeah the Pogues influence is still strong but now they are also swigging from the same whiskey bottle as Johnny Cash (and maybe Jeff Damiler –  I guess that’s a Wisconsin thing but these guys can be dark, very dark.) It’s hard to pick highlights cos’ their all highlights but if someone put a gun to my head it would be; the rockin’ opener “What they can”, the redneck version of “Mursheen Durkin”, the gospel rocker, “Kicked in the head” and an anti-war song that would get GWB moshing.

August 2005

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