Neck: Here’s Mud In Yer Eye! – A Pscyho-Ceilidh Retrospective

If you haven’t heard Neck yet, now is a great time to start. In fact this latest Neck release “Here’s Mud In Yer Eye!” makes a perfect introduction to these “County Holloway” locals. Formed by lead vocalist/guitarist, Leeson OKeeffe, (Who at one time was a member of Shane MacGowan’s Popes), NECK are a London-Irish band playing their own brand of Celt-Punk described as “PSYCHO-CEILMDH” Their songs reflect 2nd-generation Irish life, (Known to some as Plastic Paddy) Neck combines the rip-roaring spiritual abandon of Irish songs and tunes with the vibrant electric guitar driven energy of punk rock, (Regular Shite’n’Onions readers might know a little about this genre.) Speaking of the term ‘Shite’n’Onions’, The name of the website itself comes from a Neck song off the original “Necked” album. The term has been described as James Joyce’s fathers’ favorite quote!

If you have heard Neck before, you’ll want to know that the new album “Here’s Mud In Yer Eye!” mainly contains previous releases.(With the exception of “Spancil Hill” & “To Win Just Once” The difference is they are produced WAY BETTER than earlier efforts. And in my opinion, is the main reason for releasing this album. In fact, just think of those previous albums, as mass produced demos! Another great thing about “Here’s Mud In Yer Eye” is the County Holloway slang” glossary located inside the liner notes.

“Here’s Mud In Yer Eye!” is a toast given while drinking, as favored by Willie O’Keefe!
“Jackey” is a name for the people who habitually drink alcohol in the street in Scotland!
“Sassenach” is an Englishman!
There’s plenty more. Reason enough to check it out, right?
As you can probably tell, Neck is a favorite among the Shite’n’Onions staff, and that should be reason enough to familiarize yourself to the London-Irish Psycho-Ceilidh! I don’t really have anything else to tell you. I’m honestly too busy listening to the album…

Track Listing: (Complete with classic definitions provided by: Barnacle Brian Gillespie)
1. McAlpine’s Fusileers (Irish manual workers tale)
2. Loud ‘n’ Proud ‘n’ Bold (A song about drinkin’ in Dublin)
3. Spancil Hill (This is a great version of the traditional ditty)
4. To Win Just Once (Let’s hear it for the underdog!)
5. Here’s Mud In Yer Eye! (Cheers! Ya Bastards!)
6. The Maid Behind The Bar / The Sally Gardens (Another traditional)
7. Suzie MacGroovie (Can’t cheat on that lass back home)
8. I’m A Man You Don’t Met Everyday (Yep, the Jacobite song made popular by The Pogues)
9. A Fistfull Of Shamrock (Worse than getting hit by brass knuckles)
10. Hello Jackey! (AKA-What’s up, ya Scottish lush, get outta the bloody street!)
11. Topless Mary Poppins (A twisted Neck nursery rhyme)
12. The Feilds Of Athenry (This is the best version around.)
12.A Ole Hooley (Ole, Ole Ole……football fever, only 2 more years ’till the cup!!)

November 2004

Review by: Barnacle Brian “Jackey” Gillespie

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